K.L. Lalani takes over as acting president of CIITA

K L Lalani of Lalani Infotech has been elected as the acting president of Confederation of Indian IT Associations (CIITA).

The responsibilities of CIITA’s president have been passed down from B Hari on Ontrack Systems till the next AGM takes plans. During its days of inception, CIITA was an association of associations which has been recently formed by IT associations of several states. Its founding members were associations like COMPASS, NECTA, BITA, JITA, ITDAS, NETO, JCWA, CAD, DCDA, ITAO.

Recently CIITA members have played a major role in bringing about 40 associations from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and from Assam to Surat together covering at least 25,000 members today with another dozen associations to join for example; Baroda IT Association, Belgaum Information Technology Association, Bhoj IT and OA Dealers Association, Bhopal, CMDA  Latur, Maharashtra,. Coimbatore Information Technology Association, Computer & Media Dealers Association (Pune) and many more pan India.

The current members represent the entire Eastern part of India including North Eastern States. The main vision of CIITA is to facilitate the growth of the ICT business in India.

The association is playing actively in addressing the issue of predatory pricing practiced by e-tailers grieving the entire IT channel industry. Efforts are being made to meet government officials and individuals OEMs to bring a solution to the problem and create a co-working mutually beneficial environment for both online and offline retailers.

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