Jupiter is Samsung exclusive disti for FDDs

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Jupiter International Ltd (JIL) has been awarded the exclusive distribution

and marketing rights of Samsung branded FDDs for India and area countries.

According to Alok Garodia, MD, JIL, the exclusive distribution right is a reward

for the company's commitment to the cus-tomer service and its obsession with

attaining market leadership in the chosen business.

"The total FDD market is estimated to be over 1.2 million piece. While

the mar-ket is not growing, it is expe-cted to remain above one million pieces

per year for the next three years," he informed.

Garodia has ambitions of establishing Samsung as a market leader in the FDD

business in India.

Last December JIL, an IT peripheral marketing and distribution company, had

set up a CDR manufacturing plant in India which is now in full commercial

production. With these growth initiatives underway, Garodia expects to achieve a

turnover of more than Rs 250 crore in the current financial year.

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New Delhi