JP Modi is the new Chairman of DCTA

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Delhi Computer Traders Association (DCTA) has appointed JP Modi of Modi

Peripherals as the new Chairman. This post had fallen vacant after the

resignation of PK Sharma of Comnet Vision last month. However, the two posts of

Joint Secretary and Treasurer are still vacant as JP Bansal of Frontline

Infor-mation Systems and Sunil Chopra of Karishma Computers had also resigned

last month along with Sharma.

Informed Mahinder Aggarwal, President, DCTA, "We have already given the

appointment letter to Modi and he will be taking charge very soon. Because of

the recent announcement of the mini budget by the central government, all of us

were busy, which resulted in the whole process getting delayed."

On the selection of Modi, Aggarwal said, "He has a very good knowledge

of the market and is also a very old social worker. For such a job, one needs to

have time. And it’s not to be forgotten that the Association was founded by

both of us."


When contacted, Modi commented, "Yes I have been approached for the

Chairman’s post, but it was all done verbally. Making the whole thing official

will take some time. Once the members for the other two remaining seats are

appointed everything will be made clear. I just want to carry forward the good

work done by DCTA till date."

As for the remaining two seats, he said that they too would be filled soon.

"I had circulated a notice in the market asking for interested people for

the seats. Till now I have received around 30-40 letters. We will go through it

and decide on the appropriate people."

But when contacted, Rajesh Agarwal, Senior VP, DCTA, expressed complete

ignorance about the appointment. "I have no idea about the whole move and

as far as I know the resignation letters of Sharma, Bansal and Chopra have not

yet been accepted. Also, till date there has been no official


Disagreeing with Rajesh Agarwal, Mahinder Aggarwal asserted, "President

has the right to give the appointment letter to anyone. And very soon I will be

informing the other DCTA members too."

Karma Negi

New Delhi