Jitubhai expands operations to Surat

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Jitubhai Joone Computer wale has extended its reach by opening an office at Surat to cater to the needs of customers based in neigh-bouring cities of Surat like Ahmedabad, Valsad, Vapi, Ank-leshwar 

and Bharuch.

Jitubhai presently has its offices at Borivli and Lamington Road in Mumbai. This Mumbai based reseller is well known in the channels for selling and repairing of second hand IT products like monitors, PCs and harddisks. This reseller has also ventured into education by opening Abhishek Academy where students between the ages of 8-14 will be taught com-puter assembling, chip level repairing and also on software, absolutely free. 

“Its three months since Abhishek Academy has been kicked off and 50 to 60 students have already enrolled. I am from a freedom fighters family, therefore, always wanted to do something for the society and most of all wanted today’s gen-eration to be comfortable with technology, thus, started the academy. There are a lot of stu-dents interested in technology and they only required the correct platform. The younger generation has to be educated to make our country like Korea and Japan.


The students com-ing here are from all different classes and are the ones who are very much interested in technology,” said Jitendra Patel, Proprietor of Jitubhai Joone


He added, “Assembling will also not be tough to the students because once the child understands the basics its just the point of putting computer parts together. We have started conducting similar educational programs in two villages at Gujurat. Here we will be looking at students and also house-wives. In the future students being trained at the Borivli academy in Mumbai will be sent to the villages to conduct two days seminars.”

Jitubhai also has plans on expansion of his business to the rest of the country. Pre-sently he has opened at Surat because dealers operating in neighboring cities like Ahme-dabad, Valsad, Vapi, Anklesh-war and Bharuch had to come down to Mumbai. Surveys are also being conducted by Jitubhai to expand its reach across India.

“We will be looking at cities which are IT savvy where the audience is aware of atleast the basics of computers. As we deal in products like the 486 to PIV customer in smaller cities will have a wide choice. There are also harddisks of 2 to 4GB, which are still in demand in metros and smaller cities. Therefore, our presence will be required all across the country,” said Patel. 

Jitubhai also provides guarantee on all his products, three months on harddisks, 1 month on monitors and PCs.

Nancy Sudheer