Jamshedpur: The IT Hub of Jharkhand

DQW Bureau
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Jamshedpur, founded by late Jamshedji

Nusserwanji Tata, is also known as the Steel City or Tatanagar.

Situated in the state of Jharkhand, it is surrounded by the rivers

Subarnarekha and Kharkai on the North and West parts of the city.

Jamshedpur is also acknowledged as one of the major industrial

centers of East India. Owing to the presence of various industrial

houses, like Tata Steel, Tata Motors, Tata Power, Lafarge Cement,

Praxair, TCS, Timken India, Tinplate, the city has one of the largest

industrial zones of India, known as Adityapur, which houses more than

1,200 small and medium scale industries. Due to its huge exposure to

IT companies, the city has a well-fl ourished IT market, which

constitutes more than 20 channel partners and over 25 dealers, who

cater to different business verticals.

The annual revenue of the city is close

to Rs 100 crore. The products in demand right now are laptops and

desktops from HP, Dell and HCL. Customers also prefer to buy

peripherals, printers and monitors from brands like Samsung and HP.

“Nowadays, customers also like to buy legal anti-virus software

products,” said Amitabh Vidyarthi of Origin Technologies. The IT

market in Jamshedpur is adapting new trends and technologies,

wherein, anti-virus is flourishing. Main business verticals, which

drive major sales in the city are home, corporate and SME segments.

The city also caters to a large number of student population.

Jamshedpur has a computer association called, Jamshedpur Information

Technology Association (JITA), which has been actively solving

dealers' problems. “The association resolves matters amongst

dealers that the city faces from time to time,” said Shailesh Kumar

of Galaxy Infosystem. The association also organizes monthly meetings

to solve any issues related to dealers and vendors. “We want

vendors to fix MOP (Market Operating Price) and fulfi ll their

commitments, without any delay. They should provide us with the

promised margins,” said Ashok Gupta of Narayani International.

Dealers want to have a healthy discussion with vendors regarding

their problems, so that it will become easier for them to nurture

their business more profitably.