Jamshedpur gets new IT association

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Piyali Guha Kolkata, Oct 27

midst much speculation about the four-year-old Jamshedpur IT

Association (JITA) and its last episode during Manthan 2006, the Steel City has

got its second association formed by former JITA members. Called IT Dealers'

Association, the new body has been conceived and formed by some of the

established IT players from the city. The six founder members are Ajay Tiwari

from System-N-Software, Manoj Kumar Singh from Aditya Infotech, Tarak Nath Bose

from Symantech, Sudhir Kumar from Infogate Exporters Pvt Ltd, Ajay Verma from

Soft Point and Abhishek Yadav from Chinmastika Exporters Pvt Ltd. "The main

objective of the association would be to create IT awareness among the masses

and to provide IT products at affordable rates to the people of Jamshedpur,"

informed Sudhir Kumar.

Speaking to members regarding what compelled them to leave JITA

and form a new association, it was evident that the members had grievances

regarding the clarity and performance of JITA. "We were not satisfied with

the way in which JITA was functioning. We decided to leave it due to improper

management and lack of clarity," specified Bose. "In fact it cannot be

termed as an association. It's more like a proprietary firm. And we cannot be

a part of it as it's not a business," he added further. Concurring with

the view of Bose, Kumar said, "JITA has been around since the last four

years. Still it's not yet been registered with the government."

Elaborating further he said, "Unlike any association JITA has never worked

for the betterment of its members or the trade. The main people associated with

JITA were dominating and they never bothered to take feedback during any meets.

We didn't agree with their modus operandi neither with their view or


  • Called IT Dealers

    Association, the new body has been conceived and formed by six

    established IT players from the city

  • The association

    will organize a product exhibition-cum-seminar on Nov 18-19, 2006

It seems the previous association failed to live up to the

expectation of its members though according to Bose the new association is not

competing with JITA or going against it. "Our views didn't match and

therefore we have formed a separate association. We feel that the motive of an

association should not be based on profit but for the benefit of its members and

their concern areas. With this objective only we have initiated the new

body," he said.

On his opinion regarding the issue Amitabh Vidyarthy of Origin

Technologies (President, JITA) remarked, "I have got nothing to say here.

It's their personal view. What I can say is that there have been only a

handful of people who have really shown interest and come forward to deliver for

JITA. Running an association is not an easy job. There is bound to be

differences among members, but that has to be resolved first. And for that,

proper unity and communication is required."

Meanwhile, apart from the six founder members, two more members

have also joined the league-Ashish Ranjan Das and Rajesh Kumar from Mind

Technology. The new association is yet to appoint its President and Secretary,

who will be elected in due course of time. The company has also already applied

for registration. "The process is on and we are expecting the completion of

the entire registration process within the next one month," informed Kumar.

To prove its mettle and to reach out to the channel the IT

Dealers' Association is also organizing a product exhibition—cum-seminar on

November 18-19. According to members, there has been a lack of seminars,

technology workshops and similar activities in Jamshedpur, which is not good for

the future of the industry. The association will, therefore, organize such

events on a regular basis to promote IT awareness. "We expect to see 15,000

to 20,000 people attend the Computer Mela and are sure that it will be very

helpful for end users as well as the dealers," said Manoj Kumar Singh,

Director, Aditya Infotech. The event is being supported by Infogate, a leading

computer peripherals brand in the market. "The Computer Mela will help

customers get best deals with their money. Apart from that, it will also focus

on new technologies and products," said Bose.