Jammu market hit from all sides

Partners in Jammu are although not as badly hit by e–commerce yet are suffering from different ends

DQW Bureau
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The winter capital of Indian administered state of Jammu and Kashmir and situated on the banks of Tawi River. Jammu is also known as the "City of Temples" owing to the number of historical temples and domes of old mosques located within the city. With its fast growing urban agglomerations and booming infrastructure the winter capital of state is the second largest city in the state.


The city is not flat. One part is high and other is low and the city spreads on these uneven ridges of very low heights. The Bahu hill and the old city spread on each bank of Tawi are the highest points with the royal Dogra Palace at another height overlooking it.

Turning to the city lanes, the IT market in Jammu like all others has suffered around 20% loss. The loss again has been directed to the continous pumping of e-commerce. Though the state was given rebate of 0% VAT. But the idea only looks good on paper.

Naveen Abrol from Xtreme technologies expressed his concern over the loss of Jammu IT dealers and said it was Jammu Computer Dealers Association (JCDA) which tirelessly fought for 0% VAT yet could not sustain the internal disputes and hence is not working today. As a result of it unfortunately dealers do not realize how much they are suffering.


JCDA has indeed played a very crucial role but without association its mostly national distributors who enjoy the cut. Dealers have lost their voice and are suffering from all corners. On one hand its JCDA which has stopped working on the other hand national distributors minting more money from the 0% VAT regulation and then is the turn of dealers from other states who make bulk purchases from Jammu.

In short the market is in chaos and needs attention, firstly with the formation or resurfacing of JCDA.

Naveen Abrol, CEO, Xtreme Technologies


- How has the market been in last six months?

The market response has been good.

- What are your predictions for the coming 12 months?

I believe IT shall only increase. I am expecting the market to grow further.

- Do you face any problems from vendors?

Not really.


- Is the association in your market active?

Jammu Computer Dealers' association is not working anymore.

- How much has e-commerce hit your business?

It has affected my almost 20-30% of business.