ITTAPDY-2017′ CUP- One day cricket match

On 24th December 2017, ITTAPDY organized a one-day cricket match targeting 15 overs in Fathima Higher Secondary School, Puducherry. The match was played between the team of ITTAPDY itself as Gray Stars & Blue Stars.

While the December climate condition was loveable gloomy & chill, all were wondering which team is going to bat?, the lucky team Gray Stars’ captain Saravanan won the toss and was elected to bat. They establish a target of 94 runs in 15overs against their great opponent Blue- bowlers & fielders.

As soon as the Blue stars’ Captain-Sivaraj took over his turn along with his team to bat, the team went on scoring runs after run till 74 and made the audience to wonder who is going to win the match. Since, both the teams played exceedingly well and no one was being able to make out instantly until the end that who would win definitely.

Finally, The Gray team headed by Saravanan won the match and took the title winner Big trophy status. Of course, the runner trophy has gone to Blue Stars. In this match, C.Shankar-Gray Star & Sivaraj-Blue Star scored 22 & 20 runs respectively which were noticeable & appreciated. The prize ceremony has gone well starting from Winner, Runner and Star Players. Some snapshots for our memento were the end of our Cricket Match.

ITTAPDY conducted this one-day cricket match to encourage our chosen team for the CONFEDITA Conduct cricket match in the near future. As we anticipated, mixing the core cricketers in two teams along with fellow association members have given the best bat & ball experience.

The Cricket match brought added integrity, unity and friendliness among the members.

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