ITTA upset over HP's retail outlet

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Puducherry-based Information Technology

Traders Association (ITTA) has expressed displeasure over href="">HP's


to open HP World retail outlet in the city. The association will soon

contact HP to seek further action against this. M Sridhar, President,

ITTA said, “We will contact them soon and will explain our issues.

We have also undertaken a study which will help the company to sell

in a scientific manner. I am sure that every problem can be solved

amicably and reasonably.”

The association has undertaken a study

of existing population, partners and market size in the city.

Surrounding areas and cities have been identified where penetration

is low and by opening outlets, it will help both partners and the

company. R Aravindam, Propreitor, Shamrock Systems said, “We have

been HP's exclusive partner since 10 years. We operate under highly

stringent conditions and the margins we make are pretty less. On top

of this if there is too much of competition, it will not only affect

us but other dealers also. We will soon contact the company and

expect a positive reply from them.”

Sources reveal that the company is

looking for partners in Coimbatore and is also planning to appoint

one partner to operate in Puducherry. Many dealers in the region also

complain that they neither receive discounts like metro dealers, nor

on month-end billing.

A prominent dealer in the city,

choosing to be anonymous concluded, “Every company knows our

difficulty yet they compare our sales with Tier-1 dealers. There is

no point in distributing price lists and schemes here as prices are

anyways lower in metros. Many a times it is the mid-level executives

who play such things and go unnoticed.”