ITTA-Pondicherry to conduct Post-GST session with Tally

ITTAPDY (Information Technology Traders Association of Pondicherry) is planning to organize an interactive seminar on GST in association with Tally Solutions.

“Majority of the associated members are gradually migrating to GST transaction but still many are still having queries and doubts pertaining how to do a specific transaction and what is the percentage taxes, what is the HSN code for this commodity etc” says D.Soundarapandian, President, ITTAPDY.

The president in the talking raised concern over the confusion that the members are having post GST and said that keeping this whole vision in their mind only, the association have arranged for this interactive seminar on post GST so that the confusion can be resolved soon.

The guest speakers for the session will be from Pondicherry Commercial Tax department. From the department only, N.Srinivasan; DCTO (Deputy Commercial Tax officer-Headquaters) is expected to join the association for the seminar where he can help the members with their concerns and doubts.

As the seminar will take place in association with Tally, an important presentation is expected from C.Murali -SM on behalf of Tally Solutions.

The ITTAPDY members are very much eager to participate in the upcoming seminar (13-07-2017) added Soundarapandian in talking to The DQ Week.

“Like any other common trader , the traders of Pondicherry are also feeling little reluctant to accept GST but in due course of time they will be accepting it, since the great feature of input tax can be given and taken through purchase and sale, reacting to the implementation of GST, Soundarapandian further added.

The IT association of Pondicherry believes that this program post GST will be an eye opener for many traders and will be clearing many of their queries related to GST in connection with TALLY software which many are using already.

In a move to have a well aware community of traders, the ITTA is taking the best possible initiatives to help its members with their doubts and raised concerns over GST.



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