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New Delhi, Oct 30


SeraNova, a global provider of Internet professional services, has announced the development of SeraNova Rapid Mobiliser (SRM). The product is focussed at mobilizing business features on websites and it would be available to the end-user by the first quarter of 2001. 

SRM provides a comprehensive development runtime environment for rapidly extending Web business process to accommodate any wireless device. Central to SRM development platform is SeraNova's proprietary analysis and extraction technology that can analyze any online business process and receive relevant content for delivery to any mobile devices. It is a pure Java product that can run on all platforms including Sun Solaris, Windows NT and Linux. It has a broad support for almost all industry standard databases like MS SQL Server, Oracle Sybase and Informix.

Further, being J2EE compliant, it runs on all the popular enterprise application servers like IBM websphere, iPlanet and BEA Weblogic. The product would cost between $ 50,000 to $ 75,000. Nagaraja Srivatsan, Vice President, SeraNova Digital Lab, said, "One of the main features of SRM is its ability to support all devices including WAP phones, HDML phones, iMode phones, Palm PDAs, Windows CE devices and two way pagers and support for complex e-commerce sites including the ones that use Java scripts. The highly scalable SRM can be easily integrated to emerging mobile technologies and standards, which would help enterprises to go mobile."