[email protected]: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

India has an excellent position in electronic goods Trading, export and distributionaround the world, but ifwe see the other side of the country that is the north-eastern part which is long considered backward in growth and business terms. Even till now people have a 1980s view of the northeast.The image in people’s mind is that the region is ridden with insurgencies, which is not the case anymore.  Although the region has remained disconnected from the rest of the country in many aspects for a number of years but now they are becoming the growth engine of India’s new economy. Research says north-eastern states would be able to boost India’s ambitious plan
to capture the global IT market very soon. And on the other hand IT traders of North-East India felt the need of a common platform to protect the interests of all the IT vendors of Northeast besides ensuring a healthy competition and above all maintain customer and vendor relation.


Therefore to look after the same North East Computer Traders Association (NECTA) is poised to emerge as the undisputed leader in the north-eastern region overtaking other minor and local associations. It is the association of channel partners of the NE region but OEM Vendors and National Distributors also form an integral part of its IT Channel ecosystem. According to a report collectively called the ‘Eight Sisters’ have 200,000 micro small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), accounting for less than three percent of the country’s total MSMEs.

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