ITCon launches biometric security software

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ITCon, a software consul-tancy firm under the aegis of ITM

Group of Colleges, Gwalior, has launched ‘Pahchan’ –a centralized embedded

‘online attendance and salary generation system’. According to ITCon, it is

the first-of-its kind Indian software that con-nects security systems with


The software requires a computer terminal, a thumb impression

device and a Web camera. The use of the thumb impression device, based on

principles of biometrics, automatically eliminates the use of passwords and

punch cards due to the uniqueness of a human fingerprint.

Speaking at the launch in Gwalior, Daulat Singh Chauhan,

Director, ITCon, explained that the system generates salary statements of

employees, shows day-to-day status of the personnel, has intra-mailing facility,

supports intra-audio and video conferencing and can be customized accordingly as

per the needs of the organi-zations like visitor manage-ment, canteen

management, door locking facility, etc.

ITCon plans to launch a soft-ware related to Internet based accounting

system, digital locking and retina identifi-cation system and more.

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