It’s roadshow time for Altec Lansing

DQW Bureau
New Update


Trifin Technologies organized its first roadshow to showcase Altec Lansing

products for which it is the national distributor.

First among the many that Trifin has planned, the roadshow was parallelly

organized at three locations in the city. The shows will be driven through

partners with one partner pooling resources for one location.

The company has ensured that deliverables have reached partners to ensure

smooth functioning. It however has no fix on sales it expects to generate from

the exercise. "This is primarily a mindshare exercise," says Ashish

Agarwal, Director, Trifin Technologies. The event is timely because as a

relatively new entrant in the market, brand awareness of Altec Lansing products

is quite low. 

Mohit Chhabra