'It is about the way we will deliver value'

DQW Bureau
07 Oct 2004
New Update


Rahul Gupta of CyberMedia News catches up with Tech Pacific CEO K Jaishankar

on the impact of the merger

What would be the immediate impact of merger with Ingram Micro?

We expect positive impact. The merger would boost Ingram's product

portfolio. The synergy between both the companies would add value to our

customers, vendors and channel partners. The power of this relationship lies in

our knowledge of the current situation, detailed next generation technology and

product portfolios as well as the infrastructure, service, support, management

and control. The merger reflects a fundamental shift in the end-to-end paradigm

where it's partnerships and alliances that deliver end-to-end solutions with

intact brands.

What would happen to the TecPac channel partners in India?

The merger is in the interest of channel partners. It is the ability of our

relationship to touch an element that funds the expansion and competi-tiveness

of our portfolio in the marketplace. This benefits all our partners. Also, the

other significant thing about this partnership is our ideal size- TecPac has a

significant stand-ing in the distribution business.


What can the two companies and their channel partners expect?

More value, more products and growth opportunities, that is what they can

expect. The issue is how to make it a profitable proposition for customers and

how to take the traffic growth and turn it into value and services that users

will appreciate, pay for and be satisfied with. There's plenty of opportunity

- it is a matter of who capitalizes on their ability to focus on and utilize

that opportunity.

How would your customers respond to this initiative?

We are going to add value to their business and I don't think customers

need to be educated on that. The net effect would be positive. The merger is

about the way we will deliver.

What are the management changes going to be?

Beginning January 2005 the integration will take a year to complete. It is

too early to comment on management changes.