IT associations welcome MAIT's move

Including bigger companies in their federation will help MAIT to attract investments in the IT manufacturing domain

New Update

Associations across South India have welcomed the Manufacturer's Association of Information Technology's (MAIT) plan to include federation of IT channel associations as part of their organization. Recently, MAIT undergone a leadership change as Alok Bhardwaj took over its president.


Under his leadership, this plan came out. MAIT is also planning to conduct executive council meet in Goa on December 1-3, 2011 to discuss the agendas and modalities of the new plans. Speaking to The DQ Week, R Sridhar, president, Association of IT dealers, Bengaluru and proprietor, Triangle Technologies said, "To be very honest, there is no manufacturing in India.

Components are imported and then assembled here in India. By including different companies and channel partners, there will a convergence in IT trade. MAIT's move will directly benefit major companies like Wipro and TCS, and companies with large turnover, though small companies/dealers might not leverage profi t. But the synergy is always welcome and overall it is good for the industry." Including bigger companies by MAIT in their federation will help attracting investments in IT manufacturing with increased IT penetration in India.

Speaking about the advantages, John G Kotara, state PRO, All Kerala IT Dealers Association (AKIDTA) said, "We will get an all India forum/platform to solve our issues. We may have a strong organization and like export/import, excise problems can be handled together in a better manner." Echoing similar sentiments, A Muthuswamy, president, Confed-ITA said, "We will be definitely benefited as all major manufactures are the members of the association and therefore we will have a direct relationship with them. Second, we would have a better voice at all- India level."

MAIT to include federation of IT channel associations