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ISODA announces the 7th instalment of TechSummit at Vietnam

Infotech Software Dealers Association (ISODA) has recently announced the 7th instalment of what is an event that has grown in its stature over the years. Their marquee TechSummit 7 will be held at Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam between 16th and 19th February, 2017.

Rajeev Mamidanna – Chairman of ISODA TechSummit 7 and also the Association’s Vice President says, “TechSummit is close to all our hearts and every ISODA member has started working towards making it a success. In a world where Digitization, IOT, Mobility, Advanced Machine Learning, Analytics etc are key trends, ISODA realizes the potential for bringing together the technology owner and the technology provider for the benefit of the consumer.”

TechSummit 7 promises to bring in some very new alliance opportunities and also strengthen the existing ones. Apart from the promise of being technology and content driven, the TechSummit additionally will give technology vendors more opportunities to be continually in touch with ISODA members post the event as well.

“ISODA TechSummit 7 will be engrossing and entertaining but at the same time give every participant and technology vendor an opportunity to analyze, discuss and strike alliances”, said Mamidanna.

Like every year, ISODA members are expected to register for the TechSummit in large numbers. Said Mamidanna, “participation in TechSummit has increased over the years and this instalment will be no different. We expect to host between 80 and 100 CEOs of some of the most skilled channel partners in India.”

ISODA will announce further details about the event shortly.


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