ISDEF 2008 to be held in September

DQW Bureau
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ISDEF 2008, the seventh annual fall conference organized by the Independent

Software Developers Forum (ISDEF), will take place from September 26 to 28 at

the Holiday Inn Vinogradovo, Moscow.

The event will focus on the analysis of the current situation on the software

market and the business challenges that IT companies face today, said a press


The first independent study of the Russian software market prepared by ISDEF

will be presented in the conference. The document will examine the

characteristics of the current state of the Russian retail software market, said

the release.


"The necessity of such a research became obvious a long time ago and the

digest became the first attempt to create a single database of the software

market, as the previous studies were sporadic," said Alexander Lyskovsky,

Chairman, ISDEF Board.

He said ISDEF plans to publish the digest annually by the fall ISDEF

conferences, which would allow all interested parties to obtain up-to-date

information about the situation in the software industry.

Dmitry Severov, Russian Federation Telecoms and Mass Communications

Minister's Deputy is expected to deliver his speech at the opening of the


It is estimated that about 500 participants will attend ISDEF-2008.

While ISDEF members can attend for free, entry fee for outsiders is fixed at

$200, the organizers said.