ISA-IDC unveil report on Indian semiconductor and design sector

DQW Bureau
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The India Semiconductor Association (ISA) and IDC India launched 'India

semiconductor and embedded design service industry (2007-2010): Market,

Technology and Ecosystem Analysis'. The report was launched by EK Bharat Bhushan,

IAS-Director General, STPI in the presence of S Janakiraman, Chairman, India

Semiconductor Association; Poornima Shenoy, President, India Semiconductor

Association; and Kapil Dev Singh, Country Manager, IDC.

The key factors that determine the growth of the design sector in India are:

The growing expertise and capabilities in complex end-to-end design; strong IP

development and talent. The domestic market is one of the fastest growing in

Asia as well as globally.

Commenting on the Indian design market, Shenoy said, “The Indian semicon

design industry with over 200 companies is on a strong growth trajectory. Our

growth is nearly 22 percent, which is three times the global growth rate of

around seven percent. We are looking eastward for business and collaboration

heralding a new era in the future of the sector.”

Announcing the findings of the ISA-IDC report, Singh said, “The Indian

semiconductor and embedded design services market is expected to cross $7.37

billion in 2008. The domestic semiconductor and embedded design services

industry is all set to enter a new phase Ver 2.0, following on from where Ver

1.0 left off. To achieve this next phase of growth, the industry needs to focus

on availability of quality manpower, higher productivity and more value


Key findings:
  • The total design market in India for 2007 was estimated at $6 billion.

    81 percent of the revenues were in the area of embedded software, followed

    by VLSI design (13 percent) and hardware/board design (six percent).
  • The total workforce employed in the design services industry in India

    was estimated at 1,30,000 in 2007.
  • The industry was estimated to grow at a CAGR of around 21.7 percent

    between 2007-2010.
  • The geographical focus of the industry indicates that US has a share

    of 70 percent; Europe at 30 percent; and the emerging economy is that of