Irregular IT Heartbeat @ Heart of Nation Madhya Pradesh

Jyoti Bhagat
03 Oct 2017
Irregular IT Heartbeat @ Heart of Nation Madhya Pradesh

Nicknamed as “heart of India” the state Madhya Pradesh is under a developing mode of its IT trade. In IT market growth perspective its capital, Bhopal and the large cities like Indore, Gwalior & Jabalpur is in a developing stage. The idea of multiple rates under one tax one nation seems to be good in the states businesses. The GST implementation is bringing the benefits to the traders in the area. Talking

to DQ Channels dealers in Madhya Pradesh has shared the insight of the present scenario of the market.



MPCTA a 25 year old association working towards the benefit of IT trade in Indore. With the strength of more them 150 members it is one

of the most powerful associations in Central India.


Present Scenario-

Market location: MP Nagar ZONE 1 and ZONE 2

No. of dealers: 130+

Business Verticals: Government and corporate

Association: ‘Bhoj IT and Office Automation Dealers Association’



Bhopal is a beautiful place with the multiple tourist places. The city has witnessed many changes and has been through many phases, good as well as bad. All of which have been blended to perfection, providing Bhopal a distinct identity in the field of IT market. The state government is also steping up for the development of The IT Trade.


Ajaz of Bit Computers says, ‘Market has witnessed various ups and downs but gradually the market is upgrading the situation as the traders are now familiar to the taxes which was initially creating the problem and confusion in dealers businesses.’

Sanjay Gupta of Datamation says, ‘It’s exactly three months to GST and we are overcoming from our loss and upgrading the business with lots of new enthusiasm.

Many new faces have joined the IT market in last few years. The market is going quite good.’

Ashish Jain of Sam Systems, shares, ‘there was a heavy loss during the month of June and July, the reason behind this we all know was the great GST effect. But current

scenario is that we all have come out of the situation and the traders have fought survived and won over the situation. ’

Indore IT market


Present Scenario

No. of dealers: 250+

Business Verticals: Retail, Government, SMB

Association: Madhya Pradesh Computer Traders Association

populated city in central India, the city is popular for its history, monuments, food and bazaars. Apart from this the IT market of Indore is booming out of no limit. The market is expanded day by day and the no. of IT traders is increasing as per the market their needs and business.


Sushil Beriwala of Abacus Combines says, ‘Indore IT market was never bad it was always into the booming condition and the market was always filled up with the trusted customers. No doubt we have witnessed various ups and downs but gradually the market is upgrading the situation. ’Sumit Agrawal of Agrawal Infotech says, ‘GST has came and went we faced lots of difficulties but now the market is in the fine mode we have recovered the loss and currently in the good conditions to boost our businesses.’

Jabalpur IT MARKET


Present Scenario

No. of dealers: 150+

Business Verticals: Retail, Distribution, Education

Association: Maha Kashaul Computer Dealers Association

The city is large, growing and it is a major education center in India. The High Court of MP is located in Jabalpur and so are many Government administrative head quarters. It is one of the major centers for production of arms and ammunition and military base in India. The city is a major trading center and producer of forest products. Industrialization is on peak for private entrepreneurs. This highly populated city of state is experiencing fast growth in all verticals.


Akash Jha of Shri Sai Computers says, ‘We are in a bit good state after the days gone along with the implementation of GST. The late payment issue has been solved. And the market is growing in this festive season.’

Rajendra Maheshwari of Rajendra computers says, ‘The no. of dealers and customers is increasing day by day. The Jabalpur market is rising it’s IT trading which can be easily observed. Association is also worked for the welfare of the traders.


Present Scenario

No. of dealers: 100+

Business Verticals: Distribution, SME

Association: Gwalior Computer Traders association

Gwalior is a major city of the state and one of the Counter-magnet cities. Located 319 kilometres (198 mi) south of Delhi, the capital city of India, Gwalior occupies a strategic location in the Gird region of India. The IT market of Gwalior has a limited market zone in the field of computer trade but slowly it has growing because many of the traders are switching their business into IT firms.


Pramod Kushwa of HD Printer Care, says, ‘Gwalior market situation is not good as the other cities of Madhya Pradesh but we traders are giving our best for the growth of the trade in the region and our association Gwalior Computer Traders association is well involved with the goodness of the IT market.’

Rajeev Poddar of Mahalaxmi Computers says, ‘There are not much dealers in our area. The market is too small there are only 50 to 60 dealers which are big and rest is doing their business in a very small scale.’