What are the common woes faced by dealers in Shimoga?
Competition and a lot of products floating without bills. Customers prefer purchasing these because of the price factor, and realize later when the product malfunctions. In spite of repeated advices, there is not much awareness amongst consumers. From our end, we try to educate them as much as we can. We deal with only genuine products and operating systems.
Moreover, vendors should promote dealers to provide services and opening service centers. This will help us to serve our customers better and there will be repeated sales calls.

What are the main markets according to you?
Home, agriculture, SMB and to a certain extent government. I started my business in 1989. I think the market has expanded exponentially in the last few years.

One achievement of Typewell Computers
We are the first to market Acer computers and responsible for its brand positioning in Shimoga. Till now we have hardly advertised, and customers know about us only through word of mouth.

Girish Kumar, CEO, Unique Technologies

How many channel partners are there in Shimoga and is there an active association now?
There are more than 100 partners. We do have an association here, but as it is newly elected, it’s taking time to make its presence felt.

What are the common problems which dealers face?
There is a lot of competition which is resulting in less margins. Moreover, we are haggling with low sales figures due to recession. It is going to take some time for the market condition to improve. Unlike metros, upcountry has its own limitations. We have to operate in these limitations and boundaries.

What is the approximate turnover that a dealer makes?
My turnover for 2009-10 was Rs 1.8 crore. Most of them operate between Rs 80 lakh to a crore. Families are now becoming nuclear with children living in Bengaluru and other places. Parents come to buy only the products which are suggested by their children. But with orders coming from other verticals, dealers are able to make profits.

What products do you deal in?
We deal in all LG products, including their consumer products. We are LG’s authorized service partner. Apart from LG, we also deal with Intel, HP and D-Link.

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