Intel adopts sub-distribution model

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In a bid to further cement its ties with the channel community, global chip

manufacturer Intel has ventured towards a sub-distribution strategy. This is the

first time that the company has done this and as part of this distribu-tion

associate program, Intel has appointed 12 'Distribution Associates' in order

to expand its business prospects in the Indian region.

Seemingly content channel community has taken this move quite positively.

“This is a good move by Intel. Now we will see a lot more activity from small

resellers and more importantly different schemes of Intel will now be passed on

to these people easily. So, all in all, the overall reach of the company will

increase and for us it would mean more profitability,” informed, Bharat

Bhushan, Director, Aryan Techno-logies, who is among the new sub-distributors

from Delhi.

According to Intel's official spokesperson, the company launched this

program in order to achieve wider coverage in the market. “By creating this

program we have formali-zed a business model that existed and was functional in

the market. The distri-bution associates have been serving the channel in terms

of supplying to broader channel dealers. We see this program forma-lizing the

relationship. It is our endeavor to reach a broad set of our channel customers

and at the same time the authorized distributors will have the benefit of

additional reach that distribution associates provide,” the spokesperson




The new Distribution Associates that have been appointed by Intel are:

  • North : Aryan Technologies, Computer Empire and PL Computers

  • West : Maxtone Technology, Sunrise Technology and Sybex

  • East : Supreme Technologies, Samtronics and Crown

  • South : RM Computers, Vajawat Systems and Supreme Computers

Terming this as a move to bind more closely with the channel community,

Ravinder Jain of New Delhi-based PL Computers said that this initiative will

further increase the market reach for Intel as well as give more opportunities

to the channel community in small places.

“There is a global shift that is happening and as part of this, Intel is

focusing more on the channel community. This is a good sign and eventually we

are going to benefit from this move. We will surely increase our presence to

more number of cities and this will generate more business for Intel. Very soon

we will be going to places like Jaipur, Ludhiana and Dehradun,” Jain added.


Discussing the new move Harish Puri, CEO, Computer Empire com­men­ted that

with this initiative, the maturity level for global chipmaker has increased to a

new high now.  “This will certain give Intel a big advantage in terms of

dealing with the competition. More and more small resellers will feel

comfortable doing business with Intel now and as a sub-distributor we will also

be investing more in terms of putting in place the infrastructure and manpower

in order to address this new opportu­nity,” he added.

With the channel comm­unity in a celebratory mood, industry experts feel

that this move will surely bring in more opportunity for the channel community

as well as increase the strength of vendor-channel bond. “We all are quite

happy about this initiative. Earlier, with the national distributor approach —

it was very diffi­cult for small resellers to push Intel, especially because

the company has so many products and offe­rings. Now things will become a lot

easier and this will surely increase the company's marketshare in this region.

I am quite sure that now with competition coming in companies like AMD will have

a tough time. As part of this, we would be looking at inves­ting in terms of

manpower as well as infrastructure­,” explained, Vinay Dugar, MD, Kolkota-based

Sup­reme Technologies. 

Winning more channel hearts across the region, this initiative is seen by

many as a positive way to involve the channel community in a more proactive


Zia Askari New Delhi, July 21