Inflow to sell through SIs, resellers

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"Vendors need to work simultaneously with the channel and the customer

for efficient delivery of solutions," -Byju Pillai

To address the growing need for organizations to manage information more

effectively, Bangalore-based Inflow Technologies is using effective techniques

available for locating, organizing, managing, retrieving, analyzing,

manipulating, protecting, and presenting information. Operating on what is

called a 'Technology-enabler' business model, Inflow is working to ensure

that integrated solutions are delivered to customers through leading system

integrators and resellers.

"The 'Technology Enabler' business model is an indirect model. A

technology enabler is actually an extension of the vendor and the link between

the customer and the distributor/reseller. He needs to work simultaneously with

the channel and the customer for efficient delivery of solutions," said

Byju Pillai, President and CEO, Inflow Technologies.


He added that over the last five to eight years, technologies pertaining to

networking, information security and storage have changed tremendously. They

have become more complex and require technically well-trained manpower to handle

them. Business models therefore have to change suitably to ensure that

technology reaches out to the customers effectively.

With customers today adapting to technology changes very rapidly, channel

partners need to buck up and be ready to answer all kinds of customer queries.

In order to help them do that, Inflow has been providing its partners (system

integrators) with relevant training courses so that they get the most out of

their integration efforts. Expressing the need for a unified threat management

system to become operational, Byju indicated that security and storage is a huge

market and a growing one at that.

Inflow Technologies currently has all India presence with corporate office in

Bangalore, regional offices at Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Hyderabad with billing

locations at Ahmedabad and Singapore. The company plans to open three more

regional offices in India.

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