Indicus Software to introduce DX2 to solve data exchange problems

In a B2B environment, large amounts of data are exchanged between organizations and this data may be stored in various databases. This creates a problem in data exchange because the data may not be compatible with the database being used on the other side.

Pune-based Indicus Software has sought to solve this problem with its new product DX2. With DX2, this problem is solved by exporting data in XML form that can be imported into databases supported by DX2. 

DX2 is a Java based application that comprises of a DTD creation tool and XSL generator for outputting HTML data-input forms. The data entered through these forms is saved in XML format. A generic servlet creates an XML and the RIS agent processes the data as per the instructions specified in custom RIS language.

A customized version of this tool has been included as a component of XRF Designer, a report generation software package developed by Prism Corporation of Japan in collaboration with Indicus Software and also as a component of Evgine, a system for managing data in XML form developed by Knowledge Institute of Technology, Japan. 

Indicus Software will launch DX2 as an independent tool very soon. Utilizing her extensive know-how of the Japanese market Shilpa Vyapari, present MD, Indicus Software, started her own software development firm – Nihon Indussoft – in Tokyo, Japan in 1997. Indicus Software was established in Pune in the following two months and has become the offshore development unit of Nihon

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