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Indians take advice from family and friends before buying a phone: IDC

It seems like Indians prefer to thoroughly research all their options and then buy a device that gives them to most value. IDC has released an infographic on the Indian smartphone buyer and how they choose a particular device. According to the infographic, a vast majority (75%) take advice from family and friends about features and brands before making a decision. 40% depend on retailers to decide, while a third check for discounts online.

IDC notes that two out of five consumers feel that features and specifications matter the most, while 35 percent feel that the value for money proposition is a major factor. One out of three made their decision based on TV/print advertisements, while one out of four were convinced by the retailer.

It was also noted that two out of three smartphone buyers is male and every second buyer is below the age of 25 years. Further, three out of four prefer the fact that you can physically interact with a device in offline, instead of the convenience that one gets online.


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