Indiagames brings Mona Singh to mobile phones

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Indiagames have signed-up Mona Singh, popularly known as 'Jassi' from the Television series "Jassi

Jaisi Koi Nahin", and will develop mobile content based on her. Mobile

phone users will be able to download wallpapers, themes, and other exciting

content based on Mona Singh who became instantly popular with television

audiences across the country with her portrayal of 'Jassi' — a plain-Jane

who gets transformed into a stunning beauty as the show progressed.

Indiagames has been continuously developing revolutionary

mobile content and have signed up the likes of Mandira Bedi, Zaheer Khan and now

Mona Singh, adding even more variety to their existing line of mobile content.

Speaking on the announcement, Mona Singh said, "Mona on

Mobile — I skeptically raised an eyebrow, until Indiagames helped me visualize

it. Now that's a unique concept, I thought. When I was given the walk through,

it certainly had me ticking. I've noticed the groovy innovations in mobile

phones — features as well as content. This mobile application is the

transformation of a fan club from snail mail 'Mona era to the 'new Mona on

the go' era. This opens up a new dimension for people to interact with and

know me better. I'm excited by the prospects."

"Besides the entertainment value, Mona is already a

source of inspiration for millions of viewers. We are glad that Mona shares our

enthusiasm and vision. We want to provide clean-fun and ethical content for

mobile phone users. The content will be very varied, unlike content that is

currently available. We are planning to have exclusive "Mona Singh

Zones" with carriers and users can join the Mona Singh Club and have fun

downloading content based on her .We are thrilled to bring Mona Singh to mobile

phones," said Vishal Gondal - CEO Indiagames Ltd.

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