India's 1st web service goes live from NIIT

DQW Bureau
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With the implementation of "AskAnExpert" Web Service at, NIIT has become the first Microsoft partner in

India to have successfully implemented and deployed XML Web Services built on Microsoft .NET, Microsoft's XML-based Web services platform. The "AskAnExpert" Web Service was built using Visual Studio .Net. The "AskAnExpert" Web Service from NIIT is designed to provide the Helpdesk functionality to multiple sites on various technology-related topics. It allows subscriber websites/corporate networks to allow their users to post queries on the subscriber sites itself. The queries are routed to the concerned personnel based on the topic/subject of the query, availability, expertise level, workload of the help-desk personnel and the subscription model of the web service. Mail notification goes to the user when his query is answered.

This Web Service can be used or subscribed to by any website, portal, corporate intranet site desirous of providing a help desk (Technical/Non-technical) facility to its users. The service has been

available to NIITians at the employee portal of NIIT NIITians can post queries on a range of


The next version of the "AskAnExpert" Web Service would be available after the release of the Notifications SDK by Microsoft, that will allow users to receive the response to their queries anytime, anywhere and on any device.

NIIT is also working on other Web Services Solutions and Frameworks for the Financial Services, Insurance, Banking, Retail and Transport verticals. These Web Services are in various phases of implementation and will be available in the coming months.