India is a very important market for us: Forke

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Storage has become an all-important aspect for implementing IT solutions. In

keeping with the importance of the Indian market, global storage major Maxtor is

looking forward to increasing its partner strength in the sub-continent. Rachel

Forke spoke to Zia Askari about the company's partner program in this region.

What is the current focus for Maxtor globally and where does India stand

in its overall outlook?

Maxtor is always looking for opportunities to grow in geographies that we

have a presence in. India continues to be a very important market for us as a

company and we are totally committed to realizing the full potential of this


In this market, we work closely with certain OEM partners like HCL

Infosystems, Wipro Infotech, Vintron and LG Electronics. Additionally, we are

working with the solution provider or systems integrator community to better

penetrate the Indian market. The importance of this market can be gauged by our

five-year warranty policy, which is applicable only in this geography. Service

is one of the factors that we take most seriously. We now have five service

locations within India and our resellers are maintaining three to four weeks of

inventory on an average.


How many partners does Maxtor work with globally and what is the figure in


On a global scale-we are working with close to 40,000 partners as of

today. And in India this figure would be more than 1,000. These are part of our

VIP program and we are continuously looking at ways to increase our market reach

and presence.

Ideally, we would be adding 100 to 150 partners per month for our VIP

program. We created the Maxtor VIP Partner Program to help individuals in our

reseller network gain a competitive advantage.

As such, we work hard to support our members with the right tools, training

and incentive programs to help them recommend and sell Maxtor's full line of

storage solutions. Everything we do is designed to drive sales and help our VIP

Partner Program members be successful.

What kind of importance do you give to training when it comes to

developing an ecosystem for your operations?

As we grow our partner strength, we always look for ways to enhance their

level of understanding when it comes to implementing cutting-edge technologies.

Increasingly, partners now look for ways to move up the value chain. Training

provides them with an opportunity to do that.

We are engaged in an online training program for our partners. This program

is designed to deliver knowledge about current technology and its deployment in

today's dynamic scenarios.