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India is a key target in mobile wallets, POS and banking by hackers says F-Secure

F-Secure, recently revealed that post demonetization, India will be a key target market in point-of-sales (POS) and banking malware, especially mobile wallets.

On asking about company’s plan for India, Samu Konttinen, President & CEO, F-Secure said that “India is an important market to us, the market is fast growing here and we are looking forward to expand our business here. F-Secure will be working with government, corporate and private companies too in 2017”.

The last quarter of 2016 witnessed increased usage of online/ digital payment platforms, including plastic money and mobile wallets, owing to the liquidity crunch. This has led to the rise in POS malware and banking malware.

F-Secure is a cyber security company working in defending enterprises and consumers against everything from opportunistic ransomware infections to advanced cyber-attacks.

F-Secure is focusing on cloud-based initiatives to protect people’s identity, data and devices in the post-PC era and multi-device environment. The new strategy is built on the following three trends that are changing the security market- Mobility & New Devices- Cloudification and Consumerisation & BYOD. Suggesting the people in native cloud business, Samu said that these people really want an expert advice relating cyber security and all of us should not take cyber security for granted which we generally do.

Samu believes that we live in a hack able world, where everything is hack able and today cybercrimes are the top most threats to companies all over the world. According to him companies take around 200 days normally to realize that they have been hacked. Here F- Secure comes into frame, it ‘’Detects” smartly that a particular data or a system has been hacked. F- Secure detects hacking, responds to it and finally prevents the data without losing any file.

Talking about smart cities, Amit Nath, Head of Asia Pacific, F-Secure said that the company is working on smart cities project and will public it soon. Apart from this Amit said that in 2017, F-Secure will focus on establishing the company in the cities like Kolkata, Bhopal, Lucknow, Amritsar, Surat and may be in Jammu and Nasik too.

F-Secure is primarily focusing on small and medium-sized businesses and consumers by leveraging its current channels.


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