Inclement Weather Disrupts Meghalaya IT Business

The inclement Weather in Meghalaya is seriously impacting the IT business in the state. The continuous rainfall affects IT market very badly.  Distributors are planning a specific strategy for growing market faster on the other hand the climate is getting harsh to the dealers as the transportation process gets slow automatically the business gets affected.

Talking to The DQ Week, Sanjay Kumar Singh, Techweb has shared, “continuous rainfall brings natural damages like landslide which directly affects the transport system of state which is the only life line of this trade.”

Ankit Goenka of Dotcom says “ the IT market is changing its face day by day but the major issue over establishing a business in a hill station where the market is somehow depends on whether. So we distributors want a more concern from the state government for the betterment this situation of IT traders”.

Hegin Haokip of Techno Source says, “continuous rainfall is taking our trade a step behind. Because of this bad whether we are facing the problem in transportation and delivering the products.

“We expect more effort from the association regarding this whether issue. And also lacking a concern from the government side” Hegin adds.

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