Desktop Stand

Inbase Aluminimum Adjustable Multi-Angle Desktop Stand

Desktop stand is a convenient accessory to keep mobile and other gadgets at hand while working on the laptop or desktop. It should be sturdy and flexible to use. Inbase desktop stand promises convenience with flexibility. Made of high quality premium aluminum, it’s sturdy and stable to use. Available in black and grey colours, it adds a touch of style  to the work station. Adjustable cell-phone stands offer hands-free convenience and a comfortable user experience. Universal design fits all kinds of phones and tablets up to 8.0”, to watch videos and play games at your convenience. Multi-angle view can be adjusted to 360 degrees; holds phones vertically or horizontally for portrait or landscape view. Silicon pads for non-slip purpose; lightweight yet solid and protective are some other features sported by this desktop stand.

It offers a comfortable, custom viewing angle. You can get hands-free convenience with this desktop stand phone holder for all kinds of phones and tablets up to 8.0”. It offers a lightweight design with a durable aluminum and Polycarbonate body for long-lasting strength and performance. The design also includes slip-resistant silicone pads, which help protect your phone and keep it in place, even when making touch-screen selections. The stand’s multi-angle design helps ensure comfortable screen viewing, whether following instructions, video chatting with friends, or watching movies at 360 degree experience. You can place your smartphone vertically or horizontally on the stand for portrait- or landscape-viewing options. Either way, the versatile stand securely cradles the phone.
Before purchasing, try your smartphone or tablet on it to see if it fits well and doesn’t slip off. You are advised to look around the market for other similar products and compare their qualities with the price ranges. Before buying, satisfy yourself that the product satisfies your needs and is a good value for money.

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