'In Style'

DQW Bureau
New Update


AOC plans to increase its foothold in channel market in 2008. Focussing on

the same, the brand is posi­tioning itself in the lifestyle segment.

Investing in the channel market, AOC has opened its showroom in Bangalore-The

AOC Galleria, which holds LCD and CRT displays. The show window hosts the entire

running and forth­coming AOC models computer monitors. AOC has greeted 2008 with

its 'Romeo & Juliet' series, which is a 19-inch wide monitor duet. Also upcoming

is the 'Aveo Series'.

AOC is joining hands with partners in 2 and 3-tier towns. The company plans

to open similar showrooms in other metros by April this year. In an effort to

focus more on the brand sales, AOC has opened three new offices in the last one

month at Mumbai, Kolkata and Guwahati.

The AOC showroom hosting its

running and forthcoming computer and laptop models