Imphal IT Partners Jittery on GST Effects

Though a small State, Manipur has made a drastic change in the field IT business. However, GST implementation and its after effects is making the Imphal partners feel jittery.

On the current market issue few distributors have shared the market situation like this  ‘the market is in a thoughtful situation. We really in a big fear how GST implementation will affect our business. ” said Jeevan Chandra, Mangal Infotech.

“ We expecting more reach to our goods after post GST implementation but one thing we have to face initially that is the big lose. We were actually expected more time as two month is very less time for us to clear the stocks.” John Chetri, The Computer House.

“ We are afraid that the downfall in business because of this tax regime will take us to a graph down in the growth rate.” said Tarun Thokhom, Info Trade Services.

So this is the loss we distributors are supposed to be facing till the old stock will not get sold out. The other way round is the stocks we will keep after GST the less tax will be payable and will sell out in the perfect order ” Tarun added further.




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