IMAX theatre deserted in Ahmedabad

It was a unique venture in Gujarat and it spouted in the sprawling lawns of Gujarat’s ambitious Science City project. But the 3D IMAX theatre has failed to attract revenues even to maintain it. Many cine goers to this highly sophisticated theatre are sad that the low attendance may lead to its closure. The theatre has a capacity of 550 seats, but usually only 60 of them are filled in one show. Constructed at a cost of Rs 32 crore and having daily high operating costs, this number of 60 does not even suffice to pay the electricity bills of the show.

Where has it gone wrong? “I think the government has put the most inappropriate people to look after the Science City where the theatre is situated,” said Abbas Jariwala, one of the supporters of the IMAX concept. The sheer viewing pleasure of films like ‘Destiny in Space’ and ‘Into the Deep’ are no more enjoyed by the average Gujarati viewers. Instead they opt for multiplexes where cheap entertainers are running.

The advantages with the multiplexes are that they are located conveniently and more because there is shopping and eating pleasure at these places where IMAX location is not only remote but also devoid of any other activities.

The IMAX theatre was started as a move to bring scientific awareness and therefore concessions were offered to school and bulk bookings. The high cost of films that IMAX relays also keeps the cost of tickets high. But the government is changing strategy to woo the cine goers to have a visit to what the government describes as one of the marvels of technology.

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  1. The only reason why it is not doing good is “how many times a person will watch the documentaries”.

    Also IMAX is for watching movies too. So many hollywood flicks are released in IMAX format but there is not a single IMAX screen available in Ahmedabad which would show this movies. People want to witness this films in IMAX or 4DX technology but it is still a dream in our ever developing Gujarat where so many high profile people live.

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