IIPS scandal to end soon

DQW Bureau
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The investigations being carried out by the Indore

police into the Internet scandal involving the International Institute of

Professional Studies (IIPS) students is likely to reach its final conclusion on

the incident's cyber crime angle.

Deepti Chopra, a lawyer at the Delhi High Court, is also

assisting Indore Police officials in investigating this scandal.

Chopra, who has carried out research on cyber crime at

the London School of Economics, has been quoted as saying that Cyber laws

President, Pawan Duggal, whose suggestions were being sought in this matter, was

of the opinion that this case was a case of cyber crime.


Media reports suggest that Indore Police are

investigating a case like this for the first time. Hence, it promises to be a

benchmark as far as implementation of the Indian IT Act, 2000, to curb cyber

crimes is concerned. The investigating agency has received encouraging response

from the Web administrator of the city that offered the free Web space on which

the pornographic site was hosted.

Chopra, probably the first woman to venture into

investigations of cyber crimes and implementation of cyber laws, feels that the

entire police force across the country lacks awareness on the subject. She said

that this was also one of the reasons for the snail-paced investigations into

cases related to cyber-crimes.

The IIPS case gains significance because if the

culprits, if any, are not booked under the relevant sections of the IT Act,

other cyber criminals will henceforth make a laughing matter of the IT Act.


In order to teach police, judiciary and fresh law

graduates about the various aspects of cyber crime and cyber laws, an institute

was being set up in the country.

She further said a book titled `Cybercops and Internet'

was likely to be released before the end of this month, which may go a long way

in guiding law enforcement agencies in dealing with various cyber crimes. “If

the police are well versed in this subject, culprits can be punished in time and

checks imposed on those utilizing cyberspace to leave mark of their destructive

mentality on the net,” she added.

On global initiatives being taken to curb cyber crimes,

Chopra was of the opinion that global laws to tackle the 'hawks' of cyberspace

will be framed at the global conference to be held in Europe in September, 2001.