IIIT for Jaipur

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A Indian Institute of IT (IIIT) is likely to be established in Jaipur. The

IIIT is coming up in the state with active support from LN Mittal (LNM), an

eminent Non-Resident Rajasthani (NRR) based in London. Rajasthan Foundation has

played a catalytic role in setting up the institute, which is a joint venture of

Mittal's LNM Foundation and the state government. The project is slated to cost

Rs 36 crore.

The genesis of this goes back to the International Rajasthani Conclave (IRC)

organized in Jaipur in September 2000. Mittal was one of the many NRRs who had

come to the Pink City to participate in the conclave. This marked the revival of

bonds between Mittal and his homeland.

The foundation stone of the LNM Institute of IT was laid by Ashok Gehlot,

Chief Minister, Rajasthan, at Roop Ki Nangal.

The setting up of this institute is expected to herald a new era in

development of technical education in the state as much as a new era in the

relations between NRRs and the state.

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