IEC software turnover up 94 percent

DQW Bureau
18 Feb 2001
New Update

In The First nine months, ending December 31, 2000, IEC Software Ltd. has reported 94 percent growth in its turnover, which has increased to Rs 164.53 millions from Rs 84.94 millions in the corresponding period ending December 31' 1999. 

Net Profit of the company has also increased by Rs 15.87 millions to Rs 33.16 million at a rate of 92 percent. The diluted EPS for the year to date has increased to Rs 4.74 as compared to the last full year's EPS of Rs 3.70.

The performance of the company during the quarter has also been fairly good. The Turnover has jumped by 36 percent to Rs 52. 76 millions from the corresponding last quarter of Rs 38.85 millions.