Idukki, Lakhimpur, Morigaon launch official websites

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Nisha Kurian

Following the States now it is the turn of the districts to weave their sites. Recently a district in Kerala - Idukki

( and two districts from Assam - Lakhimpur

( and Morigaon ( turned net savvy and developed their official website highlighting their history and potentials.

Idukki is called the high range district of Kerala and is known for its mountainous hills and dense forests. Morigaon is the second largest district of Assam and Lakhimpur is called the cultural hub of Assam. The three portals of the respective districts throw light on these components.


The homepage of the official website of Idukki and Morigaon have a resembling mien. Lakhimpur, which bears a different look, gives an insight into the profile of the district, Government, Orchid Gallery, Culture, In & around, education, hotels, society, phone directory, maps, contacts, state agencies, events, news and important projects. The home page with a collection of photographs succeeds in communicating about the district's culture and resources more than words can do.

The website of Idukki has been designed and maintained by National Informatics Center (Idukki District Unit) and Ministry of Information Technology (Govt of India). A visit here will get you in touch with the profile of the district, History, Infrastructure,

Administration, Economy, Collectorate, Tourism, Forests & Wild Life, Information Technology and Latest News. `History' talks about the formation of the state on 26 Jan 1972 from the erstwhile Kottayam district and Thodupuzha taluk. Further at `History', one will learn about their plantation and the large migration of people from Kerala's main land and also laborers from neighboring state of Tamil Nadu. States the website of Morigaon that the history of this district is obscure. And they have rightly stated it for the legend of this small land has so many heroes that one is left confused as to who's who. Lakhimpur originates from the word `Lakshmi' meaning `Goddess of Prosperity'. The district is dependent on agriculture and paddy.

Paddy is regarded locally as `Lakshmi' and `pur' means `ful'. The district was notified as Lakhimpur district through a proclamation issued by the then Governor General in July 1839.

What runs common through the portals or the three districts is their potential for tourism. In one or the other way Morigaon, Lakhimpur and Idukki are identified as the tourism destination of India and they have been adequately elaborated in the sites. Idukki and Lakhimpur are the "unspoiled" natural spots of India preserving their wild life and forest, streams, valleys and hills. Morigaon also accounts for its forest but what make it more interesting are the legends associated with them.

The National Informatics Center of the respective districts has designed the portals of Morigaon and Lakhimpur.