ICCRA to hold forum during Re-India

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Even as refillers and remanufacturers across the country gear up to

participate in the Re-India Expo to be held in Mumbai in March, Indian Cartridge

Remanufacturers and Refillers Associaion (ICCRA) is all set to hold a forum just

before the event commences. Talking about the same, Vishal Dassani, President,

ICCRA stated, “A day before the meet commences we will invite the participants

to discuss two very important issues related to our industry. While the primary

issue revolves around the printer OEMs and the practice adopted by them whereby

they are trying to restrict the refillers and remanu-factures from expanding

their business, the second issue is engaging as many members as possible in

order to discuss the technical aspects related to refilling and


Elaborating further, Dassani mentioned the OEMs are trying to stop the

remanufacturing and refilling industry from flourishing because this is

affecting their (OEM) business on a large scale. He further added that the

remanufacturers sell printers at half the price of the OEM product, that too

without compromising on the quality. Thus customers are willing to buy our

products when given a choice as it is cost effective for them. “We want free

trade and co-existence of both the OEMs and our industry. If required we will

approach the government to look into the matter,” stated Dassani.

In US and European countries, the government has made a provision for both

the OEM and remanufacturers to co-exist. While globally remanufacturers share a

business of 20 to 30 percent it is only two to three percent in India.


In addition to this ICCRA is also planning to set-up an R&D center in

Bangalore. The association wants to further enhance the quality of the printers

being produced by the remanu-facturers and hence will be releasing ICCRA

certified products through the center.

On the other hand, Puneet Singhal, President, Computer Media Dealers

Association (CMDA) Delhi stated that they would support ICCRA efforts.

Commenting on the OEM practice

he said a dealer is blacklisted by OEMs if caught selling the remanufactured


In a bid to restrict the refilling practice some of the OEMs have started

placing chips in cartridges, an important part of the printer. To refill a

cartridge the refiller needs to open it and then fill it up with powder. Placing

a chip implies that once opened the printer would cease to function.