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IAMCP India West chapter organises technical Deep Dive on Windows 10

IAMCP India West chapter organised an online technical Deep Dive 10 on January 20th   2016 for IT partners and their technical staff and engineers. The event was focused on Windows 10.

Suresh Ramani, president of IAMCP India West chapter said, “It is very important for technical staff and engineers to have the in depth knowledge about Windows 10 as they are engaged in the installation and upgradation. We explained the participants various features. Around 30 people took a part in the technical Deep Dive.”

Ramani said that Microsoft has introduced several path breaking solutions like ProjectOnline, Visual Studio Online. Also a lot of things are happening in the Cloud and Mobility space. Hence, there are ample opportunities for Microsoft partners.

He said that IAMCP India West chapter would focus on partnering and spreading awareness about Microsoft technologies among the partners.

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