"I want to make eSys the number one IT distribution company in India by 2004"--GS Paul

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GS Paul, CEO, eSys Distribution Ltd, joined this pure play distribution company slightly more than a month back from Tech Pacific India Ltd. He is thrilled about his new role to spearhead the expansion plans for eSys in India. eSys had also launched its PCs in India about a month back, the only sub-Rs 10,000 PC offering in the Indian PC market. With massive expansion plans in offing, Paul is a busy man these days. Asim Raina and Shweta Khanna of DQW News Bureau met up with this newly-appointed CEO to discuss the future plans for the ePCs and


What was the motivation behind taking up this new role after spending such a long time in Tech Pacific?

eSys is on an expansion spree and was looking for a person who could establish the distribution systems here in India, someone who knows the pulse of the channel segment and the rapid movements in the IT market. They felt comfortable to take me on board for this task. I would be responsible to expand vertically and horizontally the business processes here in India. eSys management has given me complete independence to set up the Indian operations. With over a decade of experience in the IT channels industry, I feel comfortable to implement these plans. I have been handling the north Indian operations for Tech Pacific and feel that I would be able to achieve the given targets with ease.

What are your plans for eSys on the whole?

eSys has been known in India as a leading distributor, but doing only the dollar business. The rupee line of business segment wasn't present in this organization. With presence in 23 countries across the world, it has more than 10 PC component distribution lines in place. Now, with the IT markets expanding exponentially in India, eSys plans to open up its rupee line business in India. I plan to make eSys as the number one PC components' distribution company in India. We plan to open up rupee lines by coming January and expand it to at least 10 components lines. Right now we have more than 50 percent share for HDDs distribution market in India and I plan to filter such market shares to other components too.


What is your vision for the Indian operations?

India has been growing by leaps and bounds! If we don't plan to tap this exponential growth than I feel it would be too late. eSys' plans to expand the operations have come at the right time and the plans are strategically placed. I want to make eSys the number one PC components distribution company in India by the end of 2003 and number one IT distribution company by 2004--that can bring the best in class products in the country. We would expand our presence in the country multifold to leverage the logistics management. With Navision software already in the implementation stage, we foresee a smooth communications channel. I feel there is ample growth opportunity in India and we plan to tap this opportunity to its maximum.

We plan to give large number of solutions in PC components for system assemblers and integrators in India. We also plan to add at least five rupee distribution lines in the next two months and we would double this number in a quarter or so.

Can you elaborate on your expansion plans in India?

We plan to open up 10 branches across India to build further our distribution plans. From the current staff strength of 20, we will increase the same to 70 by January next. ePC has also been able to give us a lot of visibility in the channels market. Earlier, we were known as the pure play dollar billing distribution company, but after this launch we have a better recall value.


My plan is to build a comprehensive infrastructure in 10 major cities including Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Calcutta, Chandigarh, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune etc. In addition, we will also have C&F agents in Jaipur, NOIDA and Pondicherry. PC components industry is vast--my role is to pick and choose the best in class products.

Does eSys plan to increase its offerings in India?

eSys has major expansion plans in India, not just vertically but horizontally too. We plan to strengthen our distribution system by concentrating further on our dollar billing and build the rupees distribution model right from scratch.

What does the ePC project mean to you?

A smart and price effective computing solution has always been close to my heart and when this project was offered to me, my dreams were realized. I always wanted to bring in the market a computing device that not only acts as a full-fledged PC but also penetrates the living rooms. I wanted this device to weave its way into the living rooms. Technology can be seen in every nook and corner of our homes and to get the best of the breed technologies to the end-users. We are also planning to reduce this Rs 9,990 price point further. I plan to position this PC as a common man's PC, which is affordable and fully-functional. I am pretty sure of selling close to 1.5 lakh ePCs in calendar 2003.

Do you foresee any competition to the ePC?

With time I am sure people will try to bring similar offering, but right now I do not see too much of competition. Right now most of the PC manufacturers are waiting and watching how our offering does in the market.