"I believe in providing quality work rather than quantity"--Vivek Mahajan

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Focus, patience and perseverance is what Vivek Mahajan, Director, Infotec Network Systems, believes in. The dream never to work under someone was what enthused him to start his business right after graduation in 1989. The initial years saw a lot of hard work and frustration, but he took it as part of the game and came out triumphant. Today the company has carved a name to reckon with.


"Belonging to a family of lawyers, it was but natural that I would follow their footsteps. But, since childhood my dream was to start a business of my own. My parents also never forced me to join the profession. I had their strong backing in whatever I choose. Entrepreneurship started from college. So Sanjay and myself after completing our BE in electronics from Nagpur University in 1989 came to Delhi and started applying for dealerships. Within a month, we got the dealership for BCL. With no prior experience and with just a typist, in name of a staff, we started to operate from my house. We had divided the work between us and thus started to cover the industrial areas. For the next three years we played around and learnt from our mistakes. Than in 1992 we got our first break when Wipro offered their dealership.

The distance to travel

In 1993 got the first major dealership with campus LAN order in Faridabad where we had to do cabling of the industrial area.


Through the order we were able to gain insight into the money involved in networking. Because the margins that the order gave us was something which we had not seen before. In 1994 AT&T offered structured cabling solutions and I had to travel to Bombay to convince them that we will be able to do a good work if given the chance. However, they tried to delay the matter and in the meantime we got an order from Bharti to cable their Mehrauli office, which was the first structure cabled office.

The kick-start

My perseverance paid off, after two months training in Bombay by AT&T. And, it was after the training that I realized the need to be ahead of the market. Therefore took to fiber optics which was slowly making its presence felt in the country. In 1995, I went to Singapore to do a short-term training in fibre optic installation. GE was the company from which we got our first fiber optic order for their Baroda plant and offices in Bombay and Bangalore. We became the first leading structured company in Northern India. Hence, there was no looking back. My foresight into this market becoming competitive paid off.

Within a period of two to three years we moved up the value chain and took to providing total networking solutions. Thus in the year 2000 emerged INS eSolutions Ltd, which is totally into solutions and service. Now apart from Delhi we have branches in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai and



The belief

I believe in providing quality work rather than in quantity. Adding value to our offerings is what we strive towards. Distribution game is not my cup of tea and our focus has always been bottomline rather than the topline. We started with very little capital base but have always strived never to get entangled into the vicious circle of debt.

The future

Last year, after the September 11 incident, market situation had gone down quiet low. However, things are improving slowly and I hope that this year we will be able to achieve our targets and recover what we had lost during the recession. This year we hope to play in enterprise and PSU markets. Our plan is also to focus on security, wireless, VOIP and IP telephony."

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