Hynix to fight counterfeit products through legal action and education

DQW Bureau
18 Sep 2003

Hynix Semiconductor Inc Korea, memory chip supplier for PCs and servers, has drawn a long-term plan to counter the threat of counter-feit Hynix products in India, which has been affecting its image and direct sales in India.

To counter this growing pro-blem, which is emanating from South East Asian countries, the company has drawn a two-fold program for Indian sub-conti-nent market, which includes taking legal actions and educa-ting and bringing awareness through sustained awareness program to popularize its gen-uine products through mass media.

BK Kim, GM (Indian Sub-continent), Hynix Semicon-ductor Asia Pte Ltd in a press release said that India is one of the major market for Hynix be it memory or system IC produ-cts. All major customers both Indian and Multina-tional Original Equipment Manufactures (OEM’s) inclu-ding IBM, HP India Ltd, HCL, Wipro, Zenith and PCS Indu-stries are pro-curing mem-ory chips dire-ctly as well as through their authorized distribution network. Counter-feit product problem does not affect them. 

According to the company, most venerable seg-ment is the small assemblers segment, which constitutes 48 percent of the total PC market. 

Hynix has strengthened its distribution and reseller net-work through eSys distribu-tion and is also engaging module houses including Abacus Peripherals, Mumbai, MKSons, New Delhi and D-Link India Ltd, so that small computer assemblers are supported with genuine Hynix memory products.

Kim added that any infor-mation on availability and the source of counterfeit Hynix product should be conveyed to its India office. The com-pany will maintain confiden-tiality and will initiate suitable legal action against the offenders.

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