Hynix conducts road shows

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Hynix, semiconductor company, has launched a road-show

covering three metros, which started from Delhi and was held in Bangalore and

Mumbai respectively.

During his visit to Delhi, KC Suh, MD, Hynix gave a

presentation on DRAM market and trends.

Suh was of the opinion that though the Indian market is

emer-ging, but in terms of memory technology, it still lags behind.


"When you see the western market, 256 MB is the minimum

that the people use, but in India, still very low configuration is used. Still a

lot of catching up is needed."

He also emphasized that it is also now focusing more on the

MNCs and the local OEMs, rather than on the dealers. He reasoned that dealers

are sometimes involved in re-trading and are therefore, more complicated and

difficult to control.

As far as the counterfeit problem is concerned, Suh said that

it was a minor problem.

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