Hyderabad Police and Anti-Corruption pledge green Telangana with TITA

Telangana Information Technology Associations’ (TITA) ambitious green revolution project ‘TITA Green Pledge’ found overwhelming support from top bureaucrats of Hyderabad police and Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB). The Anti-Corruption Bureau, director general, AK Khan and Hyderabad Police Commissioner M. Mahendar Reddy have taken up the ‘TITA Green Pledge’ at their offices.

Speaking on the occasion A.K. Khan requested TITA global committee members to spread awareness on ill practices of corruption in the society and the impact it causes to the social wellbeing. Society at large should be encouraged to adopt non corrupt practices in their daily walks of life and embrace green practices, highlighted the, TITA Green Pledge.

Hyderabad Police Commissioner M. Mahendar Reddy was excited to know the role of IT industry in preserving environment. He also enquired about various social initiatives taken up by the Telangana Information Technology Association. Mahendar Reddy appreciated the efforts being taken by the IT association TITA in preserving and conserving nature.

“TITA Green pledge is accepted by planting a tree and pledging by it to protect by watering, mulching and removing litter. Replacing plastic bags with reusable shopping bags, turning off electrical appliances when not in use, conserving water, minimizing pollution and recycling e-waste are some other activities included in the pledge. TITA Green Pledge initiative is a long-term vision of developing sustainable environment in Telangana which focuses on working together with Telangana government, public service partners and corporate. TITA will support and actively participate in Telangana government ambitious project Haritha Haaram”, said TITA founder and president, Sundeep Makthala.


Jurmoloya Rava


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