Hulasi Metals launches Hanut 4U entry server chassis

DQW Bureau
18 Sep 2003

Jaipur based Hulasi Metals Pvt Ltd has launched its Hanut 4U entry server chassis in India. Hanut entry ser-ver chassis is an ideal platform for building Intel Pentium 4 based servers and workstations.

The 4U rack optimized ser-ver case accepts standard and readily available server compo-nents like ATX motherboards, Intel Pentium 4 processors, IDE hard disk drives etc. allowing for flexibility, easy maintena-nce and up gradation. 

“Excellent ventilation and heat dissipation is ensured in the Hanut entry chassis thro-ugh front to rear air flow design and 2 rear mounted 60mm ball bearing fans. Smart placement of the HDD cage minimizes chances of heat build up in the HDDs,” said, Ashutosh Mishra, Assistant Manager (Marketing),

The company is looking forward to having at least three channel partners in each state for this product. “India is a vast country so in every state we want to have at least three channel players working for us with regards to this product. As of now we have two channel partners in Delhi and one in Agra,” he informed.

Hanut 4U entry server chassis is made from heavy duty galva-nized iron sheet and has extru-ded aluminum profile supports along the sides. This construc-tion and use of imported anti vibration mountings in Hanut server case provide protection to installed server components and HDDs from shocks and vibrations.

Power supply plays an impor-tant role in determining overall server performance and up-time. Among other server chassis accessories the com-pany offers server grade EPS12V power supplies for use with the Hanut entry server chassis. 

Hulasi Metals Pvt Ltd, an ISO 9002 certified company, is a manufacturer and exporter of precision sheet metal cabinets, racks, sub-racks and related items for use in the telecom and IT industries.

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