HR strategies for emerging companies

DQW Bureau
03 Mar 2006
New Update



emerging company should share its   dreams

in the initial phase itself to motivate people to join the company before taking

professional help. New companies should frame their strategies depending upon

the various stages of startup, said Sharad Sharma, GM India and VP, Product

Operations, Symantec Corp.

After motivating people to join and forming the core team, the

entrepreneur should consider outsourcing HR functions and focus on the

startup's core competency.

Speaking on 'Effective HR Strategies for Emerging Companies' at the

Nasscom 2006: India Leadership Forum, Sharad added that the biggest advantage

for the emerging companies are that they out innovate and gives a clear roadmap

for career growth along with the organizational growth.


Any emerging company goes through several phases and the HR strategies

depend upon the stage of life the entrepreneur is going through and the time

lapsed between stages.

Also reasonable money should be offered and no specific group interest

should be allowed to hamper the interest of the company.

“The brand of the employer should be build early,” said Anita

Ramachandran, Founder and CEO, Cerebus Consultants.


“Emerging companies make a mistake by emulating the bigger ones. Instead

they should nurture talents and create strong emotional attachment, which would

help retain their employees,” opined Srinivas R Kandula, Director - HR, Sasken


He said that emerging companies have bigger advantages than the

established ones as they can build relationships, which is not possible in

bigger organization where the employees generally remain faceless.

Also in the emerging companies equality is ensured and growth for mental

evolution is possible. The most important thing is that emerging companies can

create dignity for their employees.

Subroto Bagchi, COO, Mind Tree Consulting, moderated the forum.