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Hewlett-Packard India Ltd has announced the introduction of its '' program, which evaluates the performance and availability of corporate websites for free.

The service, completely managed and secured by HP OpenView software solutions, provides companies of all sizes with business-critical information on the quality of their web services after evaluating their Internet presence for a period of 24 hours. The service consists of a fully automated system for customer registration, measurement of web response times and reporting.


Given the strong demand in Asia Pacific for end-to-end solutions that manage and maintain a reliable and available Internet presence, HP is now offering this service across the region.

The program was originally launched in May 2001 in nine European countries. Since then, more than 5,000 European businesses have participated and currently, an average of 700 corporate websites are being monitored every week.

The '' program helps customers quickly gain a better understanding of their website's performance. The solution helps customers analyze the traffic on their website, isolate sources of problems in their Internet infrastructure and prevent problems from occurring before they have an impact on the business. Customers, therefore, reduce the risk of site failure and are made aware of the level of responsiveness of their service.


Since the program captures the actual customer Web experience, companies are able to identify the services most commonly used, the point at which customers leave a transaction and the problems, which occur on the site at that particular time.

Consequently, companies can increase the efficiency of their Internet infrastructure by making precise changes to their website based on accurate information.

Companies in India wishing to participate in the HP corporate website health check can register their particular URL at HP's OpenView Internet Services measure and monitor the Web page every five minutes for a period of 24 hours. Once the evaluation has been completed, customers are forwarded a link to view a complete summary report on their site's performance and availability.

An estimated 50 of HP's software business partners also plan to offer this service to their customers in Asia Pacific.