HP SW honors top Asia/Pac channel partners 

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In a move to accelerate its channel strategy and strengthen its commitment to

channel partners, HP today honored the winners of its second Asia Pacific

Software Olympics held at the picturous Cheju Island in South Korea.

Presented annually to HP's top channel partners in the Asia Pacific region,

the Software Olympics awards recognize channel partners for their excellent

sales, marketing and technical performance.

"In this challenging business climate where it is imperative to offer

value-added solutions at competitive price points, our channel partners with

their domain expertise are crucial to our software strategy," said Steve

Au-Yeung, GM (Software Global Business Unit, Enterprise Systems Group), HP (Asia

Pacific). "In addition to increasing our investments in partner training

and marketing, we will adopt a solutions-centric approach with the long-term aim

of bringing profitability to our partners and value to our customers."


The channel partners who got the award included Wipro Infotech from India,

EMS from Australia, Digital China from China, JOS Distribution from Hong Kong,

Space ITS from South Korea, HPD Systems from Malaysia, and Tech D&I Co from

South East Asia (excluding Malaysia and Singapore).

Added Au-Yeung, "In Asia Pacific, we see strong growth opportunities in

service management, telecom solutions and Windows management. We will leverage

the expertise of our system integrators to strengthen the technical knowledge of

our channel partners to help them deepen inroads in these growth sectors."

With $ 5 billion revenue from software, HP today is the fifth largest

software vendor in the world. Out of this revenue, around 10 percent come from

Asia Pacific and another 10 percent from Japan. Nearly half of the revenue comes

from channel partners.


According to Peter van der Fluit, VP (Worldwide Software Global Business

Unit), HP, India is amongst the top five countries in Asia Pacific as far as

HP's software business is concerned. Its partners in India include Wipro

Infotech, TCS, Network Solutions and Bangalore Labs.

Asim Raina