HP puts up a sustained campaign to fight counterfeits

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fight by software vendors against the counterfeits of their products

freely available in the market is something that all of us are well

aware of. Visit any IT market in the country and chances are that you

will not have to look far to find a href="">pirated/counterfeit

copy of

software being sold. However, it is a menace that even plagues the

hardware vendors. Not

many are aware about the sustained effort that printer and toner

manufacturers are putting to weed out counterfeit products from the

market. Fake toners are readily available in the market and that too

at half the price of the original. Whether it is ink packages, toner

packages, ink security labels, ink cartridges or miscellaneous

production material, counterfeiters have been able to replicate. It

is a daily battle for the hardware vendors, as consumers and to some

level even channel partners find it difficult to detect an original

from fake.


the menace of counterfeit products and how they finally reach the

Indian market Jeffrey Kwasny, Director-Brand Protection for Print

Cartridges, HP said, “Most of the counterfeit products are probably

assembled in India for circulation in the market here, but we do

think that some of the completed products and some of the components

could be imported from other countries in Asia also.” Explaining

how it usually works Kwasny elaborated, “Most of the cartridges

used by counterfeiters are simply used cartridges that have been

collected and refilled with non-genuine HP ink, and sold as a genuine

cartridge. These refilled products do not deliver the same level of

performance and value as a genuine HP cartridge. Furthermore,

counterfeit products are illegal and they can damage your printer, as

the quality of the ink and toner are not of the same quality as that

from HP.”


about the initiatives that the vendor has taken to tackle the menace

Kwasny said, “I would utilize worldwide statistics, without listing

India specific data. In the last four years, HP has conducted 4,620

investigations in 55 countries resulting in 3,528 enforcement actions

(raids) seizing a total value of more than $795 million worth of

counterfeit HP supplies products.” He also reiterated that as a

vendor HP defends its IP for original supplies by engaging in

industry-leading anti-counterfeiting practices to combat the

fraudulent sale of such counterfeit supplies.



does HP see its partners helping them tackle the spread of

counterfeit products in the market? “Not only have we kept our

partners aware of our enforcement action but we are also training

them on how to identify counterfeit products.” Apart from the

training, HP has also incorporated counterfeit alerts into new HP

products. Some products (printers and supplies) are designed to alert

non-suspecting customers if cloned cartridges or previously depleted

cartridges, which may have been refilled are being used. An HP

genuine security label has also been placed on all cartridges sold in

India as well as rest of Asia Pacific countries including Japan. The

details about how to use the label are available on HP's

anti-counterfeit (ACF) website.


actively works to inform customers how to identify a counterfeit

product from a genuine product through various means like our ACF

website, messaging on product packaging, educating our channel and

through press. Also, we regularly announce our enforcement action

through the mass media,” Kwasny concluded.


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